Posted on April 1, 2017

Let’s say you’ve started having constant back pains when you bend down to pick up items off the floor or tie your shoelaces. The pain only occurs during this bending over activity, and you solve the problem by taking pain medication every now and again. Did you know that you could see a physical therapist to help you with this issue as well. “But why would I need a physical therapist?” you might ask yourself. “It’s not a big deal, and it’ll go away eventually,” you insist. While small back problems like this may not start off as a ‘big deal’, it can become a much larger issue down the road. That’s why, Optimum Performance Physical Therapy in Towson, Maryland is your answer.

One of the benefits of physical therapy is having a trained professional give you an honest and direct answer as to whether or not your back trouble is more serious than it appears, especially if your pain is recurring and has lasted more than three or four days. A physical therapist will also be able to give you tips on how to treat the pain in your day to day life, if not minimize and avoid it.
Say you’ve recently been in an accident, but you don’t feel any pain whatsoever! You feel fine and can move around without any complications. You should still consider physical therapy. Have some tests run and allow a physical therapist to confirm or deny whether or not you’re in stable condition. There might be some signs you’re ignoring or not noticing such as swelling, muscle tension, or muscle tenderness. This is where a physical therapist will be able to bring this to your attention and give you advice on the best ways to treat your condition.
When it comes to physical therapy, no problem is too big or too small as one pain can alter the entire functionality of your body, making even the most simple daily tasks much more difficult. Recurring or traumatic pains are of particular importance. If you try to wait it out, you could risk more severe injury. Pain affects people of all ages, and even children can have physical therapy sessions if it’s necessary.

There are a dozen reasons and more as to why you should consider Optimum Performance Physical Therapy in Towson, Maryland. Your health is important, so please don’t put it off another day and call us today.
Jeff Woods